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These are our most frequent asked  questions:


Q: Do you have different prices depending on the day?
A: Yes, we have two different prices. Monday-Thursday is different from our Friday-Sunday price. Those prices you can find on our home page.

Q: Does the price depend on how old the child is?
A: Yes, children ages 0-2 have a different price than ages 3-12. Those prices you can see on our home page.

Q: If the child is 12 months or under do they have to pay?
A: If the child is under 12 months old they do not have to pay as long as they come with a paid sibling. If the child is under 12 months old but comes by themselves they will need to pay the admission fee. 

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Birthday parties

Q: Can we book the party online or do we have to come in?
A: You can do either one, you can go online and book it or you can come in. If you do not want to come in you can also call us and we can do it for you over the phone. 

Q:Do I get charged for children who end up not coming to my party?
A: No you do not. If you have the bigger package and not as many kids can come as you thought, you can give us a call and we can give you the smaller package.

Q: Are we allowed to bring in our own food?
A: Unfortunately we do not allow any outside food to be brought into our facility. You can purchase food from us only.

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Our facility

Q: Do you clean your facility?
A: Yes, not only to we disinfect throughout the day but we also have a professional team that comes through and cleans everything. It is very important to us that your children are able to play in a clean environment.  

Q: How long do we have to play?
A: Once you pay your admission fee you have until we close to play on weekdays, you may also leave and come back throughout the day as long as you hold on to your receipt. There is a 2 hour play limit on weekends. 

Q: Do we sell food or drinks?
A: We do sell snack foods such as chips, granola bars and apple sauce. We also sell all different kinds of drinks such as water, Gatorade, tea, soda, juice boxes, ect. 

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